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Modem that allows for RJ45 fiber connector (not coax) and has at least 1 useable ethernet port?

TLDR: I want a cable modem and router or combo that has extra (working) ethernet ports to use with a ONT (RJ45 style) fiber connection for the internet input (not coax).

Hi everyone,

I just moved to a new house and Cox installed a Nokia Optical Network Terminal, which has an "ethernet" style connector for the modem / router. The modem / router combo that Cox provided has 1 extra ethernet port that does not seem to work. I'm trying to find a modem and router or combo device that will allow me to connect the fiber from the Nokia ONT and still provide at least 1 working ethernet port to hook up a router (if modem is standalone) or a computer I use as a server that I'd like to have a direct connection to the modem / router. I've been looking at the options all day and my worry is, everything seems to want to use a coax connector or limits the ethernet ports to only 1 working at a time. I get that the internet ethernet connection into a modem should work, but it seems to limit the rest of the ethernet ports on the device or some even say it won't work (as the ports aren't inputs but outputs, with the coax being the expected input). This is very frustrating for me as I had an older coax style hookup in my other house with a modem and router that I had purchased, and I know how to set those up. The Panoramic Gateway provided will not allow me to use the secondary ethernet port.

I can also get internet access via WiFi for the computer I wanted to hardwire, but cannot see that device on the network in order to set up port forwarding. I feel like the Cox application to set stuff up is dumbed down so much that there is very little functionality. I can't find an option to point to the computer's IP to say "here is the computer you are already giving internet access to" in order to add it to the list of available devices for port froward. I really want to buy my own modem and router (or combo) but am afraid I won't be able to use the ethernet ports the way I want if I don't have a standard coax cable providing the internet connection. Any suggestions? 

This is what Cox provided: 

Panoramic Wifi Gateway
Model: CGM4140COM 

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    Never mind... I just read that I don't need an actual modem with an ONT connection and I can just get myself a router with the ethernet ports I need.

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      Correct.  A DOCSIS modem is if your home is wired with coaxial cable; however, your home is wired with fiber.  My guess is Cox slipped their Panoramic in your setup to get a rental fee from you.  Unless you have Cox services requiring the Panoramic, such as the wireless cable-box, you don't need a cable modem.