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6 years ago

MacMail (Mojave) and Cox Webmail

So over the last couple days I have been forced to deal with both my desktop MacMail and Cox Webmail due to a space issue

I am not an advanced tech person but here's what seems to be the case so far with running tests to see how they sync up, which includes refreshing Cox Webmail and force quitting MacMail to make sure it uses new settings and email actions from Webmail

It appears deleting email in MacMail does not delete the mail in Cox webmail, even after deleting from the trash folder

Also it seems I can Archive an email in mac mail, but it doesn't get archived in webmail, and partly the reason it seems now why I have lost a few emails I intended to keep

I did add a webmail folder under My Folders, and that did show up in my mac mail on the folders list, which then all disappeared when I changed my mac mail IMAP Path Prefix from nothing to INBOX. I don't understand the correlation yet

I have emails in my Webmail that I don't have in Mac mail due to deleting or using different folders in MacMail to organize

My incoming IMAP server is correct in everything I have asked or found

I paid $10 for Cox Complete Care/month to have access with advanced tech to help me figure this out and the bottom line there is there was no easy solution to fixing my space problem in Webmail, and took me much of the day to do it.  In addition, trying to sync MacMail better almost sounds experimental and that I need to continue to pay for advanced tech service or dedicate myself to becoming more of an advanced tech person simply for email

The bottom line to me seems it's a mess

MacMail would appear to be useless if its unreliable and not syncable with Webmail?  And for any email action I take, deleting, archiving, folders, etc, that should all be done using Webmail

The solution???

Use Webmail only?  But I did not find webmail very user friendly yesterday. It was very slow for everything. It also seemed cumbersome.  It did seem better last night? and it was faster processing actions

Use neither? I guess like Gmail or something and get use to logging in there???  I don't know how that would work but the benefit there is working directly through one, vs. Cox Webmail needing to work with MacMail

Aside from the sync problem, the other issue seems to be the 2gb of space???  From researching and chatting with Cox, these issues sound very common

This is all for discussion, identifying where I might be off on my thoughts, but I don't believe its just a simple IMAP issue going on here, but is bigger than that 

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    monsoonsummercl, sounds like something is wrong. I use Mac mail & don't even bother with my cox webmail & my accounts seem to sync fine. The only things that show up in webmail are what i have saved or archived in Mac. I never have to go to web mail to delete or or save something if I've done it in Mac's automatic.

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      Thx... so when you delete an email, it deletes in Webmail? and you've not had any space issues?

      Have you updated to Mojave?

      I will say I don't remember having to go to webmail to do things after a space issue which has happened once or twice in 10 years or so 


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        Yes it automatically deletes. I did update my Mac computer but I'm never on it......I just use my iPad every day for emails or whatever. I checked after I saw your post & emails that I archived on my iPad in Mac mail are also archived in webmail. Personally, I like Mac mail much better.