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2 years ago

Line issue , high amount of uncorrectables

Having high uncorrectables.  What’s happened so far, node replaced, new line from pole, new line inside to equipment, new amplifier.  The chart is for seven days nineteen hours.  Getting tearing on cable channels also.

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    I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Are the cable box and the internet modem on the same coax line utilizing a splitter?

    Jonathan J
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    The tech ran a single line to an amp then split the line coming off the amp.  When he ran the diagnostics at the line from the coming from the pole he said the high channels were in the red, that was before the new drop line was installed.

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      Thank you for letting us know. If you are still having trouble, we would be happy to investigate further.

      Cox Forums Moderator
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      What kind of amp do you have? Amps can increase noise as well as signal on the line, which can cause uncorrectables. Your SNR is great, but it could be noise outside of that frequency.

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        dont know the model number, the tech put it in, Arris red label