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5 years ago

Limits on email addresses in a single email

I monitor a community website in a residential community I live in.  I need to send an occasional email to the group of users, numbering about 250.  I've done it in the past but today when I tried to send one, it hung up in my Outlook out box.  The file was only 2 MB.  I consulted the Community Forum and it appears that others have had this issue in the past week.  When I contacted Cox web mail and mail support they told me that there was no limit that they could find.  However on a previous post a contributor said that a Cox employee verified that a group email could have no more than 9 addresses.

Which is true?  And is there a limit?  When Cox makes these changes, they should be more transparent with their users.  They felt free to raise my monthly charge by $15 in the last several months, but when that increased fee is accompanied by reduced services, that does not make me happy

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  • Hi Snow Flake, to combat spam, Cox places various limits on email, including limiting the maximum number of recipients per message and maximum number of messages per server connection. I'd send a test email with 9 recipient addresses in the To field and see if your email is sent successfully. Exact limits aren't advertised, both to prevent spammers from gaming the system and to ensure that we can change the limits when necessary. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator