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4 years ago

Legit emails marked as "spam" by Cox

Hi,  Cox has once again marking some of my legit emails as "spam".  The messages do get delivered to my inbox as I set up email filters to deliver all of the emails to my inbox whether or not they are marked as "spam".  Over the past several months, I have sent several incorrectly "spam" flagged emails (along with the complete header info) to the "" address but nothing has changed.  I realize that Cox has outsourced their email service, but there should be a method to stop legit emails from being flagged as "spam" by the company that handles Cox's email service.  There used to be a "this is not spam" feature in Cox's webmail, but that disappeared a while ago.  A search of the Cox email forums shows that this is a long standing problem for Cox's customers, but there doesn't appear to anything Cox or its outside email service is willing to do to correct this problem.

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  • Hello JCOx93, I know how frustrating improperly marked emails can be and we want to help. We recommend that you start by checking your spam settings. You can find more information about email settings here: -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    several times a week, today included, i had a reply from one of thesecox forums in webmail spam!!

    ain't it great, cox doesn't even  trust their own emails!!