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4 years ago

[Las Vegas] Persistent Upload Speed Issues - No Resolution from Cox - Do you even care?

Not gonna go over everything again because I've made 4 detailed posts already over the last 2 months outlining the severe upload stream issues I've been experiencing. 

Last night I had a surprise tech visit to my home apparently authorized by a forum moderator here. This was an unscheduled tech visit (thanks Cox) and fortunately I was home to receive the tech. The tech proceeds to replace the same connector that the previous 3 tech's who've visited my home replaced already. The tech then goes outside and runs tests from my meter to the node on the street level. The tech comes back in and informs me there is severe packet loss to the upstream connection provided at the node level. The tech then informs me that before he can put in a work order for the node level I need to have the lines into my home refished and my tap outside replaced. 

To clarify, Cox identifies a problem at the node level, does not document said problem at node level, then requires I have more expensive work done at my home before Cox can even send a team to inspect the node. 

I just want you to send a team and inspect the node and identify the street-level issues and FIX your node. Does Cox even care about its customers? It sure doesn't seem so and it actually seems to me that Cox is purposely ignoring these upstream issues in the Las Vegas area. 


Embarrassed to be a Cox Communications Customer

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    @HandsomeChef, our forum moderators did not schedule a service appointment. I have reached out to our Leadership Team in the field and advised them of the current situation. When we receive a reply from our Field Team, we will be following up with you on social media. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Good Afternoon, I wanted to provide you with an update on the service issue in your area. Our Plant team has been assigned and is actively working in the area. I have spoken with the technician on-site and he will be providing us updates as new information becomes available. I can give you a call this evening or you can reach us directly through facebook private message and Twitter.
    -Dawn J Cox Support Forum Moderator