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5 years ago

Las Vegas: 88% Node Saturation, Failed Upload Speeds & Near Daily Outages

I was told by the Executive Escalation team that the node I'm connected too is a known problem in Cox's network. 88% congestion causing my connection to be highly unstable with near daily drops. The same office informed me that there are plans to split traffic off of this node sometime in the 3rd quarter of this year. This is crazy Cox Comm! You're telling me I'm going to have highly subpar, broken internet for months and months with no guaranteed resolution and certainly no follow up, all while you know there is a problem. 

Fix your network Cox! People are trying to survive by working from home and you're the bottleneck.  

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    I'm in Las Vegas as well. It took about 8 months to get my node split. Still isn't 100%. Still get slow speeds and packet loss at peak times. Make sure they compensate you. 

    Check and see if you can get CenturyLink fiber.