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Large latency / packet loss spikes.

Just moved from DC where had super reliable FIOS for half the cost. Have gigablast in Aliso Viejo and the latency on gaming is awful. Hard wired, have reset 10x times. It’s unbearable. Would settle for 30-40 but see spikes in the 70-150s on average. 

Any idea how to make better? Do I need to have my house rewired? Would using a non cox modem help? I’m at wits end. 

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    Step 1 is to post your modem logs and signals to help identify if it's a problem with the cable network. Resetting your modem more than once won't help. Very rarely there's a problem with the modem and one reset clears it up. Also sometimes when you reset your modem you get assigned to a different set of channels and that can make it look like the reset fixed a problem when really what fixed it was getting put on a different set of downstream channels. But no point in resetting 10 times. It won't fix the problem.