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4 years ago

keeping loosing wi-fi

consistently dropping off line with panoramic wifi- 3 hubs and paying a ton for service, My daughter is online school and I am working from home this is a real problem. I've done everything the tech has suggested short of plugging an ethernet cable in because my TV works fine wirelessly and my office is in another room. I just bought a backup battery surge protector per advice of Cox Tech. still no good. Do I need to exchange the entire panoramic wifi thing? 

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    You've got the entire Cox package (Panoramic and Pods) and it doesn't work as promised.  Moreover, lots of subscribers complain about Panoramic, so you're not alone with this real problem.  Your best option is to stop renting this unit and purchase your own equipment.  You could try returning the unsatisfactory Pods for a refund.

    You'll need up to 3 devices:  DOCSIS modem, router and if you subscribe to Cox Voice, a telephone modem (eMTA).

    eMTA.  If you subscribe to Cox Voice, Cox will freely issue an eMTA and most...if not all nowadays...are combo DOCSIS modems.

    DOCSIS modem.  If you don't subscribe to Cox Voice, you'll need to purchase a DOCSIS.  You're limited on your choices because a DOCSIS must be certified to work on the Cox network.  Choose a modem commensurate with your data plan (bandwidth).

    Router.  Lots of things to consider but there's another contributor, widermouthopen, on the Forum good at recommending routers.

    How big is your house?
    How many devices and users in your house?
    Is Parental Controls essential to you?
    Do you have network cabling already distributed throughout your house?
    What type of wireless cards in your devices (802.11g, n, ac, ax)?
    How much are you comfortable spending for a router?

    Cox Certified Cable Modems: