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5 years ago


I have experienced extremely poor voice quality as a result of jitter\latency that has been going on for the better part of two years. I understand the impact of the Coronavirus, but this issue has been with me for two years. Multiple techs have checked all my cable connection, replaced my Modem, splitter etc. Below is a sample trace route taken this morning to my work associate wise I was on the line speaking with him,  (who, by the way is also a Cox Customer). While on the phone he stated he could 1 in three works spoken, looking at the results of the Trace Route which I have set up to track this, 559.282, 5/10 of a second is crazy bad with respect to me being able to carry on a conversation over my VOIP phone. I was told I should upgrade to Gigablast which I did.  I am now paying top dollar for a service that has done absolutely nothing to rectify the Jitter\Latency within he Cox Network as it pertains to my area,. I have zero confidence Cox will be able to solve this as I have been reporting this issue, have had numerous tech visits for the better part of two years. It's in their network, outside my TAP. So, when making call via business provided VOIP my voice sounds choppy and garbled. So I am left looking for an alternative to Cox. Speed on the upload and download is not the issue, it's the quality of the connection that's  in question. 

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets

 1 (  0.692 ms  0.398 ms  0.279 ms

 2 (  22.238 ms  559.282 ms  33.012 ms

 3 (  26.999 ms  77.358 ms  33.924 ms

 4 (  24.192 ms  103.573 ms  22.895 ms

 5 (  34.149 ms  63.443 ms  27.248 ms