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4 years ago

Is there anyway to contact the tech dispatch directly?

I'm not trying to contact support. I want to actually speak to the guys working on the lines.

Been sitting on severe packet loss going on two months soon. Field Tech Supervisor finally came out and identified issue on the pole outside. Said every port or whatever was bad when he tried to switch me over. Noise feeding back into the line or something. Well, the problem has been found. But getting an actual person out here on the bucket truck is taking way too long. I literally can't do anything with this packet loss.

At least when you schedule a service appointment you are given a date and time. When it comes to them submitting tickets to their field crew or whatever you are left in the dark. I would just like to be given a time frame on when I can expect to have someone coming out here on the truck to fix this. I've even called Corporate and the best thing I was told was "I've sent an email to them". Bro.

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