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7 months ago

Is it me or does Cox have and outage every 1-2 months?

I have been looking and buying my own internet for a while now and this service has had the most frequent outages. I feel like there's one every 1 to 2 months. Does anyone know why? Is it locations? should I just switch providers?

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    Can you tell us a little bit about your service? Are you internet only? Do you have your own modem or a Cox Panoramic gateway? How does the coaxial get from the street to the room the modem/gateway is in? Any splitters/amps?

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    You're lucky if you're only getting outages every 1-2 months. Starting about a month ago, after a bad outage where I (and others on Cox in my neighborhood) had no connectivity for over a day. Since then, I get notifications of outages both from Cox and from a service I use to track uptime, at least once a WEEK. And these outages seem to always occur in the afternoon, right when I'm TRYING to use my connection.

    Prior to this extended outage a month ago, my service had been rock-steady for at least ten years. I say ten years as that was the last time I had to call Cox for any internet problem. I've been with Cox since it took over Prime Cable here in Las Vegas, back in the late 90s.


  • In Mesa, AZ.  I am having outages weekly going on 2 months now. Some last only 10 mins some up to 5 hrs or more.  Having my 5th one in 48 hrs now.  Getting the Outage Texts, have called and IMd techs, but no straight answers.  I am in a condo complex,  so no sure if its Cox's connection at the main community box with the node(s).

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    As of now cox is having same hour super slow every night at what was to be 11:00 pm  and network is super slow or unresponsive . tech support would dare ask me about my services and if I would like to request a tech . If it were my end then why is my friend 1 quarter a mile away having same issues at this hour  as well my other friend on the opposite side of town hmm ??? Yeah. It's not  the customers don't buy into this fubar . Cox is doing something at this hour and I'm pretty sure the outages are excuses just to limit the grid . If this issue continues on to another week im dropping their piss poor service for someone better .  No matter what Cox employees tell me their not going to sit there and lie to my face I will give my money to someone else at this rate . I do not want cox employees to ask me or tell me what the problem is . I want action and fixing  . Promises and questions are usless if they cannot back them up with actions . So it's obvious we are on a time limit grid thag is being throttled down .  I have monitored this patern and if it's a so called outage then why is the timing sooooooo precise and predictable? Yeah I'm not an idiot Cox !  They need to fix their tech or their going to lose 15 years of loyalty from this customer .

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    The trouble is 

    lab1938 wrote:

    If this issue continues on to another week im dropping their piss poor service for someone better

    The trouble is, in most cities, where Cox operates, they are THE best.. For example, here in Las Vegas, there is Cox and CenturyLink. Some areas of Las Vegas has CenturyLink fiber to the home, and 100/100 service. In my neighborhood, the best I can get from CL is 10/1 DSL.

    I'm at 26 years "loyalty" with Cox. I moved to Las Vegas in 1996, and signed up with the then Prime Cable. Soon after Prime began offering cable-based internet, and I signed up. About 6 months later Prime sold out to Cox, and I've been with them ever since. Up until about a month ago, when there was nearly 24 hour outage, since then, I get those notifcation texts saying there's ANOTHER outage, and we're really sorry and hope you understand. I'm getting them now like every OTHER day. They usually occur around 3-4pm, and estimate being fixed by around 7pm. They're usually done before the 7pm. Just had one this afternoon, connection down at 3:45pm and back up at nearly 5pm. Since I'm retired, all of my entertainment comes via this connection and I'm REALLY getting tired of these frequent outages. I'm a retired network admin, 20 years dealing with internet/networking and "babysitting" Windows/Linux. Let me put it this way, If the network I was hired to maintain, had THIS many problems, I'd be fired soonest. 


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    More like one a day everyday....from a few minutes to 12 hours,
    For my node.

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    It's not just you and it's literally monthly, sometimes weekly. They have a monopoly so they simply do not care about providing service for their customers of any decent reliability because our only alternative is dial up or ISDN which might as well be no internet at all these days. Cox simply doesn't care, but I guess they are living up to their name...

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