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Is it just me or is this a HUGE Security issue?

So today i was trying to forward some ports for my PC and i realized that Cox has now moved their port forwarding screen to a site that is not on the traditional router login settings and has moved to      Upon logging in to  I realized that all of your router information is right there on the screen!!  this info includes your Wifi Passwords , mac addresses of all connected devices and a bunch more info. Now, i know to your typical home user this might not be concerning. but to the people that actually know some technical aspects ,  this information, if in the wrong hands, can do some damage.  This is my first time even realizing this even existed.  If its been around for awhile then that is ignorance on my part. but if it is a new thing cox needs to get it together ASAP.  Another reason that this is bothersome to me is because Cox offers NO SECONDARY AUTHENTICATION. So someone literally just needs your cox email and password and can see all this information.  At least give us a better sense of mind by letting us stop unwanted access to our account!!.

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    Hi Baac757, the safety and security of your private information are one of our top priorities at Cox. We value your feedback and we are always looking into ways to enhance our security features. Recently, we launched advanced security features on our Panoramic Wifi App:

    -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator