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4 years ago

Internet upload speed again garbage in Las Vegas/Paradise

Not like this will fix anything but I had a glimmer of hope this morning.  After many FCC complaints, calls, online message with tech support I left for work this morning and saw an ARMY (4 trucks) of COX vehicles down the street from me.  I thought, "oh shoot......did they actually listen and send an army of monkeys (techs) to fix this internet upload issue?".....

Log in tonight....nope.....upload speed at a glorious max 1 MBPS and enough packet loss to make a ten cent prostitute look conservative...

Fix your infrastructure is honestly garbage.

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      Hello SanPedroVideoEditor,

      We may need to reserve a return visit to help identify the issue you're seeing with the speed loss off and on. It sounds like we've had some recent work completed with the previous appointment, and you continue to face an issue. If this is intermittent or off and on, then it can take some time to narrow down the cause. We absolutely want to help find a solution. You may email us at with your address and speed tests during the times you experience the issue.


      I hear you that the issue remains and you're moving soon. Please let us know if you need assistance.

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  • here in San Pedro, CA - I pay for 35 upload. and only get that for about an hour each day and besides that my speeds range from 0.36 - 1.65 upload. They say they fixed a weathering issue out on the main pole but it has not helped any. i have a brand new computer and connected via ethernet. COX is still charging me 140 a month and they havent been much help at all. super bummed!