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2 years ago

Internet Stuttering/Outages?

For the past two months our network has been “stuttering” or going through outages daily or multiple times a day. All lights remain lit on the modem as if it’s functioning as normal, but not a single device can connect until connectivity comes back a few minutes later. This has been noted as happening after there was a Cox tech truck at the complex we live in fiddling with wires or doing something or other (not sure if that’s the cause, but was noted when the issues arose the next day). We’ve recently been upgraded to a panoramic wi-fi modem from our previous (apparently ‘outdated’) modem and the issue persists - even with the device change. It’s at the point where when it gets really bad we can’t even load simple YouTube videos to play. We both work from home and are now having to rely on our cellular hotspots to remain connected and online throughout the day to work. We used to rarely, if ever, have issues in the years we’ve been customers!

I’ve chatted in to speak with support now 4 or 5 times, nothing is resolved because all they do is remotely reset the modem and it works again only to (surprise surprise) go down later in the day. None of them seem to listen nor have any sense of reading comprehension to know what’s going on when I explain it. We are BEYOND frustrated that this is more than just a daily occurrence. A  tech is scheduled to visit tomorrow so we shall see if anything is going on, but what could this be? Mind you everything seemed to  work fine and without issue for years before these last two months. 

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    Agree, I have been having issues with intermittent internet and cable tv outages all day for the past few weeks or maybe month or so.   Same thing, rep reboots my system but nothing is better.  Just  ended chat because getting no where… same questions check connections… very frustrating…

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      their outsourced "techs" are awful, and absolutely ignorant, even when I had the Cox care package thing, he said since I have 3rd party gear, it would be a 100$ charge. all my new gear, does the same as my old gear, all approved equipment. I've NEVER had to be on a call where I had to hang up on them but I have done just that 3 times this month alone. not to mention they changed my service to a worse level than I had before that wasted call without my authorization. I approved nothing.

      I removed the complete care since it's useless, and I can't allow anyone in my home anyway.. private projects and NDA junk I'm working on

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        I played along with their song and dance allowing a tech to come and the contractor said Cox won’t listen to them as they aren’t badged employees and there are upstream network issues but Cox doesn’t listen to them so he spends his day running around to homes charging billable time to Cox when he can’t fix a thing.  He will check the levels and those always show everything is fine and he moves on.

        Tonight their tech support said they escalated to Level 2 support 2 months ago and never heard back.  I asked why there is no management escalation and got the canned “we realize you are frustrated, can you reboot your PC” **.  

        As much as I hate Elon, I ordered the Starlink equipment for my home and business.  Century Link is coming to quote moving the phone lines over.  I am done with Cox.

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    I don't know where you are but I am having repeated outages that are SCHEDULED by Cox almost every night at midnight.

    I contact customer no service and get a recorded message saying that the service has been deliberately shut down for "maintenance" by Cox and it won't be up for many hours

      I work online at night and this is NOT acceptable.  I am exploring other internet options given that their prices have gone up consistently and the service has taken a complete nosedive in the last year.

  • Thank you for your patience, and I can see that this has been frustrating. I too work remotely and require a stable connection to accomplish work. I understand you've already swapped the modem, reached out to support chat, and continue to face disconnects while the Gateway modem is showing the light doesn't go out when service is lost. We may need to look into the Gateway's power levels to see if there is a sign of power fluctuations that may present issues for you. It sounds like there could be a concern for errors in the signal. So that we can look into this further, please email with your name, address, and a copy of this message in the email, and we can look into this further for you. Thank you.

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    If they are able to remotely reset the modem, it's online. If it WASN'T, then they could not communicate with it, and tell it to restart. That indicates some other issue. Have you swapped out the cable wire to the modem? Do you have other active cable connections in the home not being used? If so, removing the unnecessary splitters will help you out tremendously.