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4 years ago

Internet Speed Capped to 100 Mbps

I have been a Cox customer for about 10 months and within the last month I moved and transferred my service. Every since then, I have been unable to obtain download speeds higher then 100 Mbps. I have been paying for Gigablast the entire time and I also pay for unlimited data.  I have contacted multiple support representatives and I have not gotten a clear answer as to why this is happening. Most tell me that it is my equipment that is causing the issue and that I should contact the manufacturer. They have even stated that if my equipment wasn't the issue, then there wasn't anything else Cox could or would do for me on this issue.

I am using an Arris SB 8200  that is just about 11 months old and a new Amplifi Mesh WiFi system that is less then 2 months old, all of which where working just fine until I moved into this new place. But never the less I have contacted both of them and they can not find anything wrong with their equipment. With that in mind, I reset both to factory settings twice in the last month and I still am not able to download anything faster then 100 Mbps.

The last service representative I spoke with scheduled a technician to come out to my home to attempt to resolve the issue. I am skeptical that this will work because when I asked what the tech will do during the appointment, the representative said " hopefully they can fix it, if not they will just have to run it up the ladder and escalate it." They said they had the same problem at there home and that the technician could not resolve it so they have just been dealing with it. So now I will just get to wait and see what happens on Thursday.

Hopefully someone can offer up a solution a solution other just then dealing with it, or down-grading my internet package.

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    If you're using the exact equipment, you should get the same speeds.  The only things different between the 2 houses is your account and coaxial cables.  Did Cox confirm your account is provisioned for gigabit?  Is gigabit available at your new address?  Can you see any numbers stenciled on the coaxial coming from the wall?  It should be RG6.

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        op did..must've been a senior moment, not replying to the op.

        you should, might not be as ornery!!

  • Hi Elark,

    I am truly sorry to hear that you are experiencing slow internet speeds. I do not believe this is an issue that the forum members can assist you in resolving it. Please feel free to reach out to us please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at Please include a link to your forum post.

    Thank you,

    Mike J.
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    I'm having the same problem, I get less than my old package which was the 150Mb/s. Now im getting around 100Mb/s WTF? $110 per month is ridiculous. It's like they upgraded the cost and downgraded my service. 

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      @NeuroDump, Hi, I see some of the readings on your modem look a little unhealthy. Are there any splitters or amplifiers that are connected to the coaxial that is screwed into the back of your modem? If so can you bypass the splitter/amplifier and plug it directly into the wall from the modem?

      Ben S.
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