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4 years ago

Internet Outages Every 12 Hours

I am experiencing internet outages every 12 hours at 10:30, like clockwork. We are in SoCal. I have checked my network router, and it is working fine, except the status LED  showing no internet connectivity occurring at 10:30. I have modified my router's DHCP lease time from 2 hrs to 24 hrs, with no impact. I have contacted Cox tech support, and asked if this was occurring to others in my area, but he said he was unable to view that, since it was "above his paygrade". His only recommendation was to replace the cable modem. I can see other posts with the same issue, but haven't seen any updates with a solution from Cox?

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  • We can't really say for certain if the modem would be the cause, but we would definitely recommend upgrading it just for the fact that I currently show you are using an older phone/internet modem issued from us. This is an older DOCSIS 3.0 modem, that can be swapped out for a DOCSIS 3.1 modem at a local Cox store. This will give access to a lot more downstream channels (and possibly 1 more upstream if your area supports it).

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