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4 years ago

Internet outage: Zip 85281

over 24 hours without wifi from COX ISP. they keep updating the downtime saying that it will be resolved soon, but still here without internet connect. Why is it taking so long? But the worst part is the communication on part of COX. If you call them, you'll be directed to automated messages and thenit'll say there is an outage and nothing can done since the service man will have to repair  Then if you go online to use the chat, they disabled it saying there is too much traffic. Finally i called the closest cox store to my location and the phone went straight to voicemail. I am so frustrated by this situation. ONE, ITS TAKING WAY TOO LONG. TWO, IT IS A LITTLE irritable THAT there is no means of contact between customer and our  ISP.

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    Hi @Totomomo,

    It sounds like you may need further assistance. Please email us at with your full name and address.

    Ben S.
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