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5 years ago

Internet outage for the last 4 days

The outage lasted 4 days.  I don't have any confidence that it is fixed as of now.  I would not be surprised if the service goes down again.  The cox app does not work, the text subscription is unreliable.  Each time I checked and get a text message that the outage is resolved, it wasn't.  Repeatedly, we are getting messages that don't represent the actual situation and it was a lot of wasted time trying to check if the service is up and endless disappointment.  My confidence with Cox is completely down to none.  I would not recommend Cox to anyone and as soon as I find another ISP, I will switch.

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    They did the same thing with us. My service was out for three days. I contact Cox and they said they were upgrading lines. So, they knew they were doing work and cutting off people’s internet and didn’t send a message or alert anyone? I work from home and that is unacceptable customer service. They said they would credit my account for the days we didn’t have service, but my bill just came in and no credits. Now my internet is out again today. This is the absolute worst company I’ve ever had business with and I cannot wait until Verizon Fios is available in my area. 

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      cox credits take a billing cycle to show on paper bill which was printed before you requested credit.  you can view your account online and see if the credit is there

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      We like to take a closer look into this please email the full-service address, full name, and a link of this thread to

      Jonathan J
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    @Wasabidip, we deeply apologize for the ongoing outages, and our records show you live in an area that is experiencing intermittent network issues. We are currently performing infrastructure work in your area, and hope to have this completed within the next 3-5 days. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator