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5 years ago

Internet Outage Everyday and Night at the Sametime

Everyday between 4-7 and 9-11 my internet goes out. This is a inconvenience as I have to work from home. I called and asked why the service was out. I went through the same steps I did on my own and still nothing happened. The rep then states that I have to pay to have a tech come out and see what's wrong. The problem isn't the equipment as I've purchased new equipment. 

Why does Cox offer service that doesn't work properly then charge the customer to find out why they haven't invested in repairing wires in areas they've never fixed before? 

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    My speed drops from 1000 to about 6 once a day. I have to reboot my modem and router. I tried 2 new modems and 3 new routers and they are have the same issue. I've called Cox and they say it's not them. Suggestions?

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    Have you notice every time you call , you get the same set of answers?  It's because their "techs" read the same set of instructions and don't really know anything else.  Do not purchase any new equipments, I made that mistake.  It's not your end. It is Cox.  I complained to BBB and FCC,  you should do the same.  If we get enough complaints in, the lawmakers will get involve.  

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    Mine drops every night at 1:15am and doesn’t come back until I unplug the box. I can’t even reset from my phone. They also wanted to charge me and I refuse to pay. There was  ew service set up here last February and the service was only transferred to me last week so I know it’s not wiring. The first two days there was no service. Hope someone can give some good advice here.