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19 days ago

Internet Outage AGAIN

I’m a huge gamer, internet is extremely important to me. My internet, since I’ve gotten COX goes out at least twice a day for about 5 or 10 minutes. I also pay for the 1 Gig plan which includes (up to) a gig download speed. Unfortunately I do not get anywhere close to that. I get around 30-60mgps download speed which is unacceptable for the $80 a month for service that I pay for. The amount of times including now while I type this I do not have internet. I hope that I will be compensated for these outages and horrible download speeds. The app is worthless because it says no known issues when clearly there is an issue. 

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    Ive been having this same issue for months now. packet loss from 5% to 14% ive had 2 techs come out to fix the problem. Both blamed the coax cable, but i live in new build apartment. the cables are new. Ran plotter ping test. the issue is coming from hop 6 ( ) With 75% packet loss and last hop with 11.3 % packet loss. cox is well aware of this issue. the plant is located in las vegas. how many more clients of theirs have to speak up to get a fix here. 

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    File an FCC complaint if you already went through their useless tech support. They have a monopoly. They don't care about you they only care about fines and threat of regulation.

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    I'm sorry you've been having this experience. We definitely want to see a resolution for you. The purpose of the Cox Internet Forum is to allow customers to discuss technical topics related to residential Cox High Speed Internet services with other customers. If you need help with billing or other account specific issues, please reach us on Twitter at CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email us at The community may be able to help with the technical issues you're reporting, however, more info including setup, devices, and modem model and logs info may be needed for them to troubleshoot with you. If you would like to look into an outage, please reach out to our team. Thank you.