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Internet is horrible going on 4 weeks.

Cox reps, your service is incredibly bad. How can you honestly charge people 200$+ for packages when you cant even provide the service you promise. For a month now I have been getting disconnects, outages and incredibly erratic speeds. My latency to pretty much any server in the US spikes from 300 to 15K+ MS. I can't video conference, I can't stream, I can't play anything if it connects online. It works for 20 seconds then I get high ping and 100% packet loss. I have been in contact with COX on 8 separate occasions. Online chat, email and phone calls and this is still an ongoing issue. I am not the only one, according to sites like downdetector, people all across the nation are experiencing the same thing. East to West coast. We all get the same BS replies from your support. "We are aware of ongoing issues in your area and our teams are working to fix it". We get updates on our cell phone that it is complete, only to find out it isn't. We call back and are told they are still aware... So why the hell do you close the outage issue? You should possibly research and QA this because it sounds to me like your techs are closing tickets to meet SLA agreements when things aren't actually fixed. I have received a $50 refund... Seriously? One tech had the audacity to tell me that they can  upgrade me to faster speeds for $50 extra a month when you can't even provide the basic service I have now. 

I will be looking to change services to Verizon very shortly. I have been with Cox for 24 years but the handling of your shoddy infrastructure and crappy tech support is the final nail in the coffin. Either expand your infrastructure to handle your increased user base/internet usage, or charge less for your crappy service. Also, please stop advertising "We now have the fastest speeds in the nation"... Because this is a blatant lie. Your company should be out of business. I will be reporting this to the FCC and BBB, I recommend others do the same until COX takes these issues seriously.

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  • @Pweast, I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this issue to Thanks. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Allan, I have done so. Please quit with the typical canned responses to everyone who posts here. If you had read my post here you would clearly see in the first paragraph that I have contacted support via email, phone and online chat. I get the same BS no matter which media I use to contact you and according to other websites and posts, it seems I am not the only one. It is still terrible this morning. I get up, sign into work only to be kicked off again. I contacted you guys again this morning and got the same stupid responses that I got the first 8 times. 

      Luckily I have choices on other ISP's in my area. Others aren't so lucky. 

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        Have had similar issues for over 3 months, a FCC complaint will get them to investigate it slowly, but the “everything looks fine on our end” doesn’t stop until you get to Executive Escalations, and then it’s the plant team saying it, because there is definitely not something else I would rather be doing.

        I get the advertised download speeds but upload speeds below the fcc broadband requirement of 3 mb/s to even be classified as broadband and random latency spikes above 1000

        I believe 10+ techs have came out for low upload speeds, random packet loss and high ping for a minute or more multiple times per hour, but it doesn’t always present itself when they are out, or they don’t even bother to test the line.

        Once multiple people in your area complain about the same thing, then Cox take it a little more seriously, but then it’s because of “node upgrades and maintenance”.

        I Downloaded the Ping Plotter Pro trial, and set as one of the tested servers to backs up my finding which can be sent to Executive Escalations and added to the FCC complaint.

        If another GIG internet option was available I would have swapped in the first month. In a lot of their service area they are the only high speed option so they get away with crappy service and prices. ATT 1 GIG down/up fiber is $50 month with unlimited data after the $30 ACP in my city, but isn’t available at my house yet. Cox 940 down 35 up with unlimited data is $140 after the discount.

  • Mine has been horrible for 2 months. I started monitoring connectivity about a month ago with a script. I'm only getting about 98% uptime. During the workday, it goes down about once or twice an hour for 5-20 minutes.

    COX Support is pretty useless. A technician came out and said I probably need to replace my modem. I guess I'll try that before cancelling all COX, cutting the cord and getting internet from a competitor.

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    Same here. I get unanswered queries from my modem and extremely slow speeds (I pay for 1 gig), like 70mb down. My modem (Netgear CM1200) has had the downstream LED blinking for a couple weeks. I chat, call, email, and nada. They reset from their end which usually fixes it immediately but it will be back to blinking within an hour. I feel they have far too many customers on old lines. Modern times mean more people stas home and use quite a bit more bandwidth. I’ve been looking for a new ISO as well but pickings are pretty slim where I live unfortunately.

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      And whatdya know?! The connection is down. Just like I told them it would be when I contacted them earlier today. My modem was getting errors more frequently and I asked for a tech. They reset the connection and said to watch it and if it kept occurring to call again. So frustrating because now is when I work. And there’s no connection for 3 hours now and they estimate 2 more. This really is getting to be a severe issue.

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        Hi Shidoshi,

        I am sorry to hear that your connection has been dropping. We would be happy to take a look into that with you. To get started, we ask that you email us at with your service address and a link to this forum thread.

        Cox Fourms Moderator