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12 months ago

Internet in and out randomly during the day.

My internet has been on and off randomly in Arizona since Cox did overnight maintenance a couple days ago. It only happens during the day. Once the sun is down, it stops. My phone, and smart TV lose internet from the wifi, then reconnect a random amount of time later. My phone says "connected without internet" before it reconnects. My PS4 is wired, and it kicks me from the game lobby and party chat for a random amount of time. It's infuriating. It never did this before the overnight maintenance. Any idea what's causing this? Is it the heat during the day?

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    It might be this heat hard to tell.  117f in Vegas yesterday.

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      Cox must have fixed my problem overnight. Did yours get fixed?

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    Same thing with me, I pay way too much for this to happen. Never been an issue before.

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    I wonder if it could have anything to do with high-split upgrades in your area. What model modem do you have? Did you notice the upstream light go blue? Check your signal levels for a upstream OFDMA channel.

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      Arris TM3402 all the lights are white.

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        If the lights remain solid on the 3402, it means it still has internet try swapping the ethernet cable from modem to router, with a new cat5e