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2 years ago

Internet goes down for the second night in a row

Why would there need to be repairs for the second night in a row? I haven’t had issues up until now, is it technicians wanting to make triple time or what? Beyond annoyed with this. Everything in my house is connected to the internet and I pay good money to have service.

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    Have you signed into and check for outages? Things break all the time. Surprised you haven't had a issue until now.

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    Sometimes repairs take 1-3 days. Analyze the fault, install parts, testing/further repairs may be necessary. It's not always as easy as replace/done. 

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    I sincerely apologize your service is down. I understand the importance of having reliable service. I'd be happy to investigate when you have a moment, please email your full name and address to Also, include a link to this thread.

    Jonathan J
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    ya same thing for me.. it seem like as soon as i want to use it a lot it goes out.. most times the upload goes to **.. after a few days of using it.