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2 years ago

Internet drops every 10-20 minutes?

We had a recent storm that knocked the internet out. Now the internet drops every 10-20 minutes with no consistent connection. Somethings got to change with cox… Tried talking to support but it’s a “real agent” robot that sends replies that have nothing to do with the issue I have. If another service was allowed to operate in my area I would be gone in a minute. What steps can I take to get my connection back and steady? “Live agent” help is not an option because they are not real people from my experience. 

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    What modem/router are you using? What's the indicators on the modem showing when you lost internet?

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    Are you talking about the Tulsa storm? How long has it been up? How bad was the storm in your area? Did you lose power? Trees down?

    If you want to troubleshoot your issue here, start by looking at your signal levels and event logs. I can give instructions once I know what model modem/gateway you have. If you want to contact Cox directly, use one of the methods in the Welcome thread.