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Internet dropping intermittently throughout all times of the day and night. Drops began 9/7 @ ~2230. Signal loss is 2-5 min.

On 09/07/20 at approximately 2230 our connection began intermittently dropping offline for 2-5 minutes at a time before returning to normal. 

For 2 years the service has been rock solid with no latency or drops. Our connection is Gigablast. Between dropouts, we see normal speed levels 700-900 down. Unfortunately, the drops outs are very often and make working from home impossible. We reported to online tech support followed all the standard reboots etc with no change. The next available technician appointment to visit the property was 7 days out (9/15). 

I am posting to get input on the modem readings we have during these interrupts if someone can explain these and maybe help diagnosis a problem. The online tech support had no idea what they meant and could not explain it to us. 

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Nighthawk X4S C7800

Attached are the screen captures of the modem readings. These were taking approximately 10min after a full modem power cycle.

The below screen captures are from a time when the connection was good, approximately 45 minutes after a modem reboot.

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  • Hello. Your modem is reporting some time out errors. Are there any splitters or signal amps on the cable line going to the modem? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Hi Allan,

      Thank you for your reply.

      There are no amps or splitters from the wall to the modem or in the main distribution box. 

      Out of the wall, there is a female to female adapter. Additionally in the main box there is another F2F adapter. These are the same ones that were installed 2 years ago when we had Gigablast installed.

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        Thanks for sharing that, I'd also suggest trying to test the modem at a different cable outlet to see if there is any change. Should that not help it may be necessary for a technician to come out and troubleshoot further. If you would like help getting that setup feel free to email us at

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    Hi Sans,

    Not sure if you have fixed the issue with your modem as yet or still waiting on the tech to come out.  I have had this same problem numerous times (with both Cox and Xfinity), have done the reboots, resets, tech out etc and have found the quickest way to resolve this issue is to take the moden and exchange it.  Contrary to what your cable company would like you to believe or tell you, these are the best, most economical, modems the cable company can purchase or lease in bulk.  In other words they are cheap.  It is always easier and quicker to go exchange it after checking to make sure the connections are tight, it has rebooted, has the newest down loaded update etc rather than have a tech come out and check all the outlets, the pole box connection etc.  You will know immediately after you get the new one home if you need a tech to come out (the new modem has the same issue).  Hope that helps.