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4 years ago

Internet down/customer service a joke now?

Internet down for no apparent reason. Called tech support 1st time yesterday, was told it was my router. 
so i go and buy a new router and guess what? No internet... so I call again and Im told its NOT my router and they send someone to check out the connection. The tech guy determines that he will need additional support so he leaves and tells me someone would stop by today. No calls, no texts, no appointments visible in the app.

call again and im transferred back and forth, finally get to a tech rep after about 30 minutes of waiting and as he’s checking out the issue, the call is disconnected or maybe he hung up? Either way I waited for a call back because surely, common sense and proper customer service would do so.. but nope, another ten minutes wasted. 

so I call back once again, at this point I’ve already spoken to 5 people. The next guy starts troubleshooting from the very beginning (modem reset) even tho it was already determined the issue is with the lines. I explain the situation and now i have to wait another 5 days for a technician to come over, again? 

I’m used to poor customer service from cox but wth just happened over there? Now im out hours of my own time and extra money spent on a router that was not needed. Am I just paying for garbage service at this point? Whats going on cox? I get that many ppl are having issues but thats no grounds for dropping a call and then not following up or telling me that someone else will stop by and not set up an appointment or telling me that I have to purchase additional equipment when thats not the issue. This is the worst experience I’ve had with any service provider of any types. Your competitors are popping up around my neighborhood, after ten years, I no longer trust this crappy service. 

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    Call the FCC for any complaints against Cox. I did that and they fixed my service literally the next day 🙂

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    did the rep check signal to house before recommending a new router??

    that's the 1st thing they check if i need to call! about a service outage!

  • @Talba. I can certainly understand your concern. Please send us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this concern to Thanks. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.