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Internet cuts out; TV picture freezes; TV audio goes out for seconds at a time.

Does anyone know where to get good, reliable internet so I can ditch this COX business? They are unable to fix mine, after seven techs and multiple hardware changes. The TV signal messes up, too. They've sent many technicians to the house, installed all new hardware (saying I can't use my up-to-date Netgear router and modem). They don't seem to  be able to fix things. They are a TECHNOLOGY company, they say.

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    Hi @Mark Votaw

    I completely understand the frustration of having an inconsistent internet signal. I see some of the readings on DS channels on your modem look a little unhealthy. After looking at what the last technician said caused the issue, I would recommend scheduling another technician appointment. You can email us at with your full name/address, and let us know what time you would like us to schedule a technician for.

    Ben S.
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      After looking at what the last technician said caused the issue

      Beg questions much?  Did the previous 6 techs also conclude this mystery?

      I bet the techs only recommended the Panoramic router, eh?