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Internet bottlenecked and getting less speeds than paid for and 5 days with inconsistent speeds and constant disconnects no working solution and no credits offered for failure to provide service. Multiples times each month.

I'm not sure what is going on with Cox cables internet in Pensacola but the speeds are horrible this week. We are supposed to have gigablast internet but it's not working properly and hasn't been for day 5 now. Went through the customer service process but we just get lies about how it's our equipment. We had insane speeds at first but Cox cable bottlenecked it at the 290s to 380s (supposed to be at 500 at least and out equipment can handle over 800 in speeds. Keep getting the liesrun around from customer service and we are techies that know our equipment and network stuff. The reps keep telling us they aren't working on anything in our area and service hasn't been disrupted nearby but theres online posts on down detector confirming its lies I'm at the point of cancelling and looking for reliable internet elsewhere. Has anyone had this kind of response from Cox? What did you end up doing?

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    Am also in Pensacola, it doesn’t get better. My original call was in May. I’ve had 13+ techs come out, who will eventually see and document the problems along with the suggested fixes, but the field team comes out and sees you have internet service, doesn’t care if it’s slower and less consistent then your cell phones 5g and decides to leave.

    You can email ping plotter results, trace routes, speed tests showing the same slow speeds, packet loss and connection dropping completely, which techs have also notated, and even make make multiple FCC complaints, and it will be escalated, to the same field time who views any internet service at all as acceptable. You’ll speak to the field leadership at some point, who will tell you to email them, but will ghost you after the initial email. You’ll see notices on that things are being worked on in your area, yet your internet will somehow get worse.

    I used to see 1000 + down / 40+ up, currently I see 90 down / 3 up, 100% packet loss every few minutes, and random minutes of no internet service and they tell me nothing is wrong.

    My Verizon iPhone hotspot and AT&T 100 down/20 up DSL line work better wirelessly then Cox Gigablast does through a wired connection.

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      I hate to mention this, but if you're getting 90 down with a wired computer, ensure it setup for 1000basetx, and not 100basetx, the 90 down indicates the ethernet running at 100 mbps, most of the time. 

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        The ethernet settings were the defaults. There was a days long “we are working to deliver a more consistent internet experience in your area” last week, and this started up at that point. I switched it to 2500 and 1000 and restarted both times but neither made a difference.

        The down speed is randomly stuck in the 90s for periods of time. I had consistent 1000+ down before last week, but my upload was 0-4 most of the day, now both are poop. My jitter is often close to 30, I have high latency and packet-loss on all hops to anywhere, so I’m thinking I may have an ingress problem.

        It happens on wireless devices as well, it just decides I don’t need anymore speed. The gateway is like 2.5 weeks old.

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    Hi RCCPensacola,
    I am sorry to hear that you've been having trouble with your speeds. We would be happy to take a look at the account with you. To do that, we ask that you email us at with your service address and a link to this forum thread.

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