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5 years ago

Intermittent upload speed drops

Hello, I have the same issues pointed in the thread here:

I have not made any changes to my network and the issues popped up earlier this week while trying to stream. I've ran speed test after speed test and had a tech come out today and tested my new modem and the lines into my house and he cannot find any issues within the signals. I even ran a test for him to see and while the up speeds dropped, he connected his device and the numbers on his device were normal, up/down speeds were high. He mentioned checking the nodes and he did not see any issues with that either. So I am now at a complete loss because the up speeds are still dropping. 

There is no specific time for these issues as they happen all day off and on.

With the few threads with the same issues lately, is it possible this problem is affecting certain areas?

I wanted to make a new thread to post some data and also bring to light that there are more people that this issue is affecting to hopefully find a solution:

For the video, I tried my best to capture speed tests when the problem presents itself and did a ten minute test stream and showed the connectivity of the Ethernet port during the drops. Hope this helps.

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