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6 years ago

Intermittent Connection cuts out every 10 minutes

My internet drops out every 10 minutes it seems.   Power cycle continuously to fix but no help.  On my second panoramic modem/router.  This is probably going to make me switch back to ATT which I don’t want as the speeds are slower.  

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    Been having a similar problem for some time. I have the Doc Sis 3.0 Motorola modem (several years old now). Two desktops are connected via hardwire and several others via wifi. All experience this dropping (ip address I assume). Will be gone for a minute or two and them can get it back. All boxes experience this. Haven't done a check to see that ALL are having the problem at the same time. Will look at that. Seems enough people having similar issues that it might be something in the Cox network configs. But then I'm a little cynical.

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      Hi Cswor, if your modem is several years old and is dropping the connection to your wired and wireless devices, you may want to test drive another modem. If another device also exhibits connectivity issues, I'd suggest a service call so we can get the issues resolved for you. You can get a modem from Cox or from any other retailer, as long as the modem is on the list found at -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Having similar problem since last thursday (July 19), and my cable modem is relatively new from COX.

    I'm located in the Kingstown/Fairfax area.

    I've seen reports of Cox outages in my area, but it's STILL happening.

    Cox Support:  Please help.

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      Hi, in order to see if you're is in an outage we'll need you to provide us with your complete address and account name. You may provide that information to us via a Facebook private message, Twitter direct message or email to Please also include a link to this conversational thread. -Thanks, Carol