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5 years ago

INTERMITENT data lock out

Over the past few months, my wife and i have noticed that if we are browsing the internet and click on a link we want to see, we cannot get connection. We just get a spinning circle indicating that the browser is trying to connect. This happens on wifi connections and on the ethernet connection in our home office. This is very intermitant and amazingly does  not effect our YouTube TV which continues to work fine via wifi on our apple tv units or on our office computer. 

When this problem is occurring i can go to cmd in windows and ping an outside ip address and will get continuous time outs for hours and then it will connect with various reponse times for hours. It of course works fine when i am on the phone with COX. One tech said that the line to the house looks clean, but the line to the next sub has noise, but the outside repair person he supposedly called for never showed. the next tech found nothing.

Can anyone help? Have you seen this?

Oh and the other thing is that when this problem happens Teamviewer is not effected. It's like Youtube TV and Teamviewer have an alternatibe way around the problem.

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