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"Increased internet traffic" and "Network impacting event"

How would Cox react if I sent a note to their payment center stating that I had "Increased banking traffic" that created a "budget-impacting event", therefore making it impossible to pay my bill? Well, we all know, they'd turn OFF my service at a minimum. I wish I could "turn off" Cox by firing them, and choosing another broadband service, but there are no other choices where I live. 

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    Agreed. My favorite part is they have no estimated time for repair. But the agent assured me there would be no further outages. Like I believe that load of **. 

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      In another thread someone posted a message they received with more detail, about damage to the central node for the city. The explanation makes sense, but for me just highlights the absurdity of the level 1 support scripts they give to the poor call center people.

      when I was in grad school in Michigan the power company would be like “sorry a squirrel chewed through a substation line  to try to get warm so don’t expect power before tomorrow” and very weirdly that was almost MORE reassuring simply because it had more information. For me, anyway, I don’t know if everyone works that way.