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4 years ago

inconsistent ping to server

Hey all. I was having this problem before and then was convinced to get a new modem. I rent from Cox, so that was included in my deal but the problem has been continuing. Lately in all games I've been getting warnings of packet loss and latency variation. I ran pings to my router (fine), but also to something like and was getting spikes and sometimes even timeouts.

I read other forums that said this was my ISP's problem. How can I fix this before I flip out?! Considering i pay for a massive up/download speed that I'm not even able to utilize properly!!!!!

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  • I'm having the same exact issue. I play games and I get stuttering and rubberbanding on everything I play. I keep getting the same exact response, "Everything seems to be running fine on our end. Maybe it's your hardware?" (It's not my hardware). It's very frustrating not being able to enjoy any of my online games going on 2 weeks now.

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      For me it's been longer, but before it was only at certain times in the day. Now, it's happening almost every time.

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      Hi WhittyShip123, I am detecting signal issues with your modem currently, as well as packet loss. Can you please make sure all connections are tightly secured for me? Please also make sure that the coaxial cable is not damaged as well. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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        This is also happening to me during all hours of the day starting yesterday.  A technician is coming out tomorrow but all connections are secured for me as well.