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4 years ago

High Packet loss, high/inconsistent ping, games unplayable

Ever since COVID, my internet has been terrible. I am on the gigablast plan. Speed tests comes out high but insanely high packet loss and high ping making gaming impossible.

A technician came over 2 weeks ago and a filter was removed from the node but no changes to my packetloss and ping. Internet is still bad.

This is making games unplayable and I am having a terrible experience even tho I am paying lots of money.

Modem is SB8200.

Link to pictures of modem signal, ping plotter, ping, and packetlosstest.

Any help will be appreciated.

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    Also having this issue, cant use the internet to game at all. 

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      Yeah i saw your pingplotter. looks very similar to my problem.

      Any update on your side?

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        Also does your problem happen at all times? or only certain times of the day?

        My packet loss problem doesnt seem to persist early early in the morning but it flucuates throughout the day and is pretty severe at what feels like peak times.

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    I am going through the same problem now and we also had this issue at our previous address about 6 months ago. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do on your end. Your power levels seem OK but the upstream is a bit high. I was told by the most recent tech that 42-45 is the range you want your upstream to be at and close to 0 for the downstream. I would call another tech and keep having them come out until they fix their infrastructure. It took a third call before they finally sent out a senior technician that was able to start the ball rolling to fix the issue. They had to put a monitoring request on my location and the node which must have eventually cause them to fix it because the problem went away at our old address. But here we are again at a new house having the same problem. I have a second tech coming Saturday, we'll see what they do from then.

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    I have the same problem its fast and then I get kicked out because the wifi like hiccups for 5 secs and then goes back to have it was. Idk what to do?

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    Cox techs can't do anything about this. They need to replace the nodes they are aware of being overloaded. 

    The best thing you can do is file FCC complaints which will make them actually do something about it. I've had problems since before covid and they are trying to blame covid for the issues. 

    The troubleshooting thread "Tiffany" will come link is just a time waste at this point. 

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      It's even worse than a "waste of time". Part of it is even counterproductive and hurts Cox and its customers. A major culprit in many of the complaints is the lack of upstream capacity on the node to meet the subscriber needs. By asking everyone with issues to run a speed test, they end up putting additional burdens on the very limited shared upstream node bandwidth capacity.