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If no gigablast offered, why need a docsis 3.1 modem?


I've been told no plans for gigablast in my neighborhood.

Why should I continue renting the pano? I don't use the voice ports, and have the regular 300/30 plan unlimited that I pay to much for.

I'm going to buy my own modem and save a little bit for the next couple of years. 

Why should I get docsis 3.1? 

It seems a docsis 3.0 would work just fine, and save me a few dollars.


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    Do you have an old or unused DOCSIS 3.0?  If so, reuse it.  If not, future-proof your purchase because...although a bit costly...3.1 is more secure, efficient, faster.

  • I've been told numerous times by Cox representatives that a 3.1 modem will not work on the Ultimate Internet 300/30 plans.  I'm still using the SB6183.

    I would be likely to buy a new 3.1 modem if it did not require a change to 500/10.  

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      That is false information. A DOCSIS 3.1 modem can be used on any level of service.

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      The SB6190 works just fine on the 300/30 plans

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      ya, i've got the pana 3.1 on the 300/30 plan , works, but I'll be swapping it out soon, for my own 3.1

      my initial point was that I think a 3.0 would perform the same as a 3.1 in the 300/30 plan

      but i'm not going to test it now,  the cost difference for a 3.1 is not much more than a 3.0