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I am in Aruba and am unable to send emails.i keep getting error message about them being blocked.i was in same house last year and did not have a problem.cant do live chat as it only gives me a phone number and I do not have cell service here.

I called my sister on whatsapp and she contacted cox, to no avail.if I could get an email address for cox maybe I could go through wifi and send them a email through

gmail.will be here a month and really need to be able to send emails. I am able to read them after I do the security thing of not being a robot and at times having to enter last 4 of my social.”help”

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    What good would a Cox email address do?  It'd be blocked, right?

    Are you using Cox webmail or an email client?

    If you haven't used your particular device for a year...meaning, it stayed in Aruba...Cox has since changed email ports .

    I'm assuming you have a foreign IP address and Cox doesn't like overseas addresses.

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      I needed the address as I was going to try to use my gmail acct on a cell phone I have with me, but no cell service but do have wifi on it. That is how I am using whatsapp and thoght I could email cox on it. My ipad is the one 

      I use daily in the USA. I just received and email on ipad and thought I would try to reply. Received a message that

      it was blocked by the server. So can receive but can’t send.

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    @In Aruba

    If you have an email account other than cox please send us an with your full-service address and full name to, so we can work towards a resolution.

    Jonathan J
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      I just sent info thru a gmail acct... thanks