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2 years ago

How to change Reserved IP Address in the Port Forwarding menu on the Iphone app

On Cox panoramic wifi app on iphone, I can't find out how to change the Reserved IP Address for my device. There is no text prompt to change it.
Also, is there any way to port forward on the computer so I don't run into issues like this? The normal way just tells me to get the panoramic wifi app.

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  • Hi Shelleyt1. To set up port forwarding in the Cox Panoramic Wifi app, you will need to access the advanced settings, tap on the Connect tab, then See Network. From the My Network screen, tap Advanced Settings. The following options display which is located in Thanks, Lisa Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Those are the settings to to port forwarding. OP asked how to reserve a IP address. Do you have those settings in the app by any chance?

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        I think the only way to reserve an IP address is the change the address list from starting at to something like, so you can manually assign the ip addresses 2-9 to specific devices in their network settings.