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6 years ago

How long before past due balance cancels account?


I have a past due balance with Cox. My service was interrupted August 3 for a balance due July 14. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I'm unable to pay for another 2 weeks. I'm wondering how long I have to make this payment before my account is cancelled and sent to collections? With my luck, the balance will be cancelled within a week of being able to pay and will damage my credit. I chatted with a rep who gave me a number to call and set up a payment plan. When I called, the rep said I have to pay the minimum past due in full, no payment plan available. I asked how long I had before the account was cancelled and she said there was no specific time frame? I'm hoping anyone else here may have been in similar circumstances and may know how long I have to pay that past due balance before my balance gets sent to collections? Can my rep do anything to assist this issue?


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    Hello MSinger,

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