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5 years ago

How can I get a new public IP address for the paranomic gateway in my home?

Hi, I am a cox user in South California. Currently I am having issue with my cox network that it seems like the public IP of our gateway is blocked by Chinese firewall and I cannot visit some websites in China. I am wondering if there is an easy way to get a new IP address for my paranomic gateway. I've tried methods like reseting the gateway or unpluging my gateway at night for like 6-7 hours but I still got the same public IP address. I searched the forum and some threads suggested to unplug gateway for 24 hours, which is not so viable because there are other people in my home relying on the network. Are there any other way to get a new public IP address for my gateway? I'll appreciate it if you could help me. Thank you.

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    Hello, our IP Addresses are DHCP (Dynamic), meaning, they theoretically change every 24 hours. however, no new IPv4 addresses are being assigned to service providers, as the world is currently running out of them. If you leave the modem unplugged for up to 48 hours, this may generate a new IP Address. However, there is no guarantee. Here's some additional information regarding our IPv4 and IPv6 addresses:

    -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      I see. But unplugging for 48 hours is really a long time... Are there any quicker means to change the IPv4 address? I saw in some previous threads people were suggested to have someone in Cox to "de-provision" and "re-provision" their account to make their IP address switch to and from a "172" one. Is that feasible now?

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        Hi Lpx1233. I apologize that we have no way to change an IP address. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Hey kevin, i have been waiting for a reply to my support request since yesterday, and i have tried to contact cox but Sullivan put me on hold for an hour and then hung up on me. Could i please get some help?