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5 years ago

Hotspot outage (Gainesville, FL)

There has been a Hotspot outage for the past week. 

Have used for several years, but now not working,

Stong signal.

Connected but no Internet. 

Link local IPv6 address -  fe80::c1d7:2aaf:34ea:c80e%5

IPv6 DNS servers - fec0:0:0:fff:1%1

IPv6 DNS servers - fec0:0:0:fff:2%1

IPv6 DNS servers - fec0:0:0:fff:3%1


20 SW 2nd Street.

Gainesville, FL 32601

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    I'm not aware of any hotspot issues at this time. Are you able to try testing with a different device?

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      yes, I have tested with several devices and it still isn't working. Having to Hotspot off my phone the past few weeks while at work.

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        We would need to take a closer look at the actual hot spot, do you have any idea which one it would be or you are closest to? I see several when looking at the hotspot map

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