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3 years ago

Horrible Packet Loss Spikes

Been struggling with pretty bad packet loss problems for a while now. Have had several techs visit, contacted tech support multiple times, and have called the cox "Complete Car Advanced Technician" multiple times to no avail. Packet loss spikes to 40-50% or even our internet just completely drops once or twice a day. This occurs across all the devices on my internet, wired or wireless. Techs have verified our cables on multiple accounts and have changed outlets and checked for splitters. Through the messages and calls with technicians we have factory reset, changed settings around, and even swapped plans/router/modems to no fix.

A fairly recent discovery I made was that there are error logs on the modem that align directly with when I experience these spikes. These errors are all over my Firewall Logs

FW.IPv6 INPUT drop , 253854 Attempts Firewall Blocked

FW.IPv6 FORWARD drop , 1753 Attempts Firewall Blocked

FW.WANATTACK DROP , 73 Attempts Firewall Blocked

After discovering this, I called the Complete Care Advanced Technician and he claimed it could be IPv6 issues, so we turned off IPv6 on some of my devices as there isn't an option on the modem/router I'm using to completely turn IPv6 off. I'm currently on the Gigablast plan with the provided Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway, but this issue has persisted since before I've switched to this plan, which was 300 down, on a Netgear CM400 modem and R7000 router. Does anyone have any idea as to why and how this problem exists, any leads whatsoever? Pretty desperate as it's a problem I've coped with for years now.