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4 years ago

Horrible Packet Loss and Latency issues during peak hours

Hi All,

every evening, weeknights and weekends, for roughly the last 2 weeks, my ping and packet loss have had atrocious spikes. I've gone through the list of recommendations on the pinned topic, and taken a look at my cabling inside my apartment. I am hooked directly into the modem (a Netgear CM500) a very short distance away (<2m) and then the coax to the exterior of the building is another short distance (~2m). Given that this only happens during peak hours I am disinclined to think this is a problem with my modem, or computer. It IS possible it is a problem with the exterior cabling, we have had snow in the last 2 weeks here in RI, although I wouldn't really know what to look for. During off-peak hours I have no connection issues. This issue has been increasing in severity since I first noticed it two weeks ago, and within the last week has deteriorated to the point where I effectively no longer use my internet to stream videos/play games. 

Let me know if anyone has any ideas or needs any more information.

Edit/Update: We have gotten snow today and my connection quality has deteriorated significantly. I've left winMTR running for a couple hours with as the host and am looking at a loss % of around 5%, and during particularly bad spikes it can go upwards of 70%. Very well may be exterior coax lines. Also of course could be people using the internet more to stream 'The big game' or just staying in doors more.

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    This appears as if you may need someone to investigate your account personally. We would be able to assist you with this. Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email us at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.

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    apartment living where many are drawing from the same pipeline!!