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4 years ago

Horrible internet

Why is it that I've had to buy two modems and three router, have techs come out to my house multiple times, have my line changed from room to room and my internet is still absolute garbage. Lan and wifi are absolute **. I have the 500mbps speed package and I'm constantly dipping back and forth from 144 to 24mbps on a lan and I'm lucky if I can get 5mbps in the rest of the house. It's beyond infuriating I'm so done. And I can't even change internet service because cox has a monopoly on my area. Every time I call I get told there is chatter in my line. The techs have said there is chatter in my lines. WELL IF THERE IS CHATTER AND THAT IS THR PROBLEM THEN HELP ME FIX IT! Yall are beyond terrible with your customer service and I'm f****** done with it. Help me!

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    I once had a problem similar to this...  which Hard Drive do you have?  Have you tested your SSD speeds?  Do you have another computer to do this test on?

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    @Benettmcd - Hi, I took a look at your modem and I see a lot of timeouts on it and some of your signal levels look a little off as well. Are there any splitters or amplifiers that are connected to the coaxial that is screwed into the back of your modem? If so can you bypass the splitter/amplifier and plug it directly into the wall from the modem?
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