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5 years ago

High latency and packet loss

For about three weeks now I’ve been having issues with high ping and packet loss. I’m most definitely sure it’s not my hardware, I’ve replaced cables, tried a new router, looked at modem power levels fo anomalies and everything checks out. I’ve contacted cox multiple times and all I get are the generic troubleshooting efforts. I’ve ran pingplotter and can see I’m loosing packets at a cox IP address. I’m in San Diego, is there a bad node somewhere? It’s irritating paying full price for a service that can’t be fully utilized well. Anyone else having the same issues?

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  • It looks like we have an open ticket for ingress/noise that is being work in your area currently. Technicians are in the process of finding where this is coming from (looks to be from other customers introducing noise into the cable plant).

    Cox Support Forum Moderator