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4 years ago

Has everyone who paid for panaramic internet tested their speeds to see if it goes to 500?

I have a feeling 500 is only available to newly wired customers.

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    Even if you had a pristine connection to Cox, you wouldn't measure 500 Mbps due to the nature of TCP/IP.  I've read the overhead of TCP/IP could range between 2% (great) to 20% (not).

    The only way you could measure 500 Mbps is if Cox "overclocked" your plan due to excess capacity.  Meaning, if there is consistence bandwidth available on your circuit(s), set Klady's connection to 510-600 Mbps.

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    yes it does when i do the same test on ookla with different providers in my area.

    to me the speedtest is irrelevant if pages/content, load quickly, whether on pc/laptop.cell phones.