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3 years ago

Has anyone had success adding a Pi-hole through the cox Panoramic router/modem?

The cox panoramic router/modem doesn't allow editing the DNS servers.  I've heard a work-around is adding a second router, and connecting the pi-hole through that router. (No dice so far.)

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    Hello @ltbrown,

    That is a very good question. When it comes to placing the Panoramic modem into bridge mode, that assistance is outside our scope of support. I'd like to help. We have a team that can work with this type of assistance. It is a subscription-based service call Cox Complete Care. This team specializes in networking, virus scanning and removal, your personal network items, service appointment coverage, and more. I have included a link with all the details for your research. There is a 3-month subscription requirement. I'm not trying to sell you this service. Just giving you all of the options available to you. -Cox Complete Care

    Crystal S.
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      Thank you for the scope regarding the COX end of things.