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6 years ago


My email has been hacked.  Someone changed my password and set up forwarding to send my email to them ongoing.  The support agent was able remove the forwarding and reset my password,but I am now unable to access 2 weeks of emails and Cox says they cannot assist.  This is ridiculous!  Who else is having this issue with Cox?

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    I was making changes to my account today. Which necessitated an email address, it was pre-populated with the email address listed for the account. It would not allow the changes to proceed with the account email.

    I contacted support. They instructed me to use a different email address. I pointed out that only an email address listed in the account should be used to send account information to.

    They said to do it anyways.

    My cox email is not accessible.  Do not use it, so it does not affect me at all.

    But my experience with support and the problems with the website. Seems to lead me to think that they are in trouble. They are sending private account information to unverified email address's, not listed in the account.

    While their own systems disallows the use of emails verified and attached to the account. Changes hours later still not taking affect, usually within the hour.

    Looks like the Cox Infrastructure is experiencing a takeover. They have probably been infiltrated and do not know how to stop them.

    Doubt it will get resolved in a timely manner. Get a different answer from the half a dozen Cox employees I have spoke to today. My internet speed is a 10th of what I am paying for, and they cannot seem to figure it out. New system is rolling out, they are in over their heads.

    Don't hold your breath.

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      What sort of changes were you trying to attempt and were you getting any kind of error message when trying to make these changes?

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        Seriously, did you even read the first & second paragraph. Sounds like you work for Cox.

        Does not matter what changes are being made. The system bans the use of email address's already in the system account. Security wise it should only send private account information to confirmed email address's listed in the account. 

        Being told to by support and actually sending private account information to an email address NOT listed on the account. Is a serous privacy security issue.

        What part did you not understand. Cox is clearly in over their heads.

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    My email was also hacked. Someone got in & changed my password blocking me from getting in. There should be a two factor authentication if someone tries to change your password. I know Amazon has it & it has helped tremendously

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      Thank you for the suggestion about two-factor authentication. I forwarded your comments to our Product Development Team. -Mike
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    My Email is now working, as well as some other issues handled. Not fixed completely yet.

    While I was chatting with support, disusing what has been transpiring over the past number of days, and months. Support, could not find the previous upgrade order, even though it showed on my Cox account page, and received numerous emails confirming the order, 2 days ago. I was on the phone with support when the order was made, and he confirmed the order number.

    Yet the support individual I was chatting with could not find an order, or any notes, or anything about my half a dozen, and many hours on the phone and chatting with support.

    While re-configuring my account, the support  individual (Mary Ann), who seemed to have some experience at Cox. Suggested I get the "Complete Care Support" package. Soon as the order went through, a matter of a couple of minutes, email started working.

    If you want support personal that can help you, and you want your email to work. Add the Cox Complete Care Support Package. It is $10 a month. It is the only way you can get anything resolved. It is all about the money.

    It appears that Cox has adapted the Amazon AWS business plan. No support even though you pay for products, even if it is their fault. Purchase the monthly support plan, and everything works better, while the paid support personal have access to do things the normal support people cannot do.

    It is all about the money. Just how it is nowadays, no support even though you have been paying on time for 20+ years. You have to pay that additional $10 support fee or be left out in the cold.

    Real shame it is.