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2 years ago


my cox email was hacked-- all emails were forwarded to the hackers email. bank verifications went to hacker email. hacker made 3 wire transfers from my bank (also hacked).

this all stemmed form cox hacked email. how can I hold them liable?

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    You indicated both your Cox email and your bank account were hacked.  Did you include your online banking credentials in an email?  How did someone hack your bank account from reading your email, even email from your bank?  While someone could have obtained your private bank account information, there wouldn't have been any security credentials in a bank email that could have been used to grant access to your online banking account.  Banks also require some type of security verification for password resets, to prevent social engineering.  That information wouldn't be in an email from your bank.  Cox email and your online banking are unrelated.  The comon factor is you.  Does someone else have access to your bank account or your computer? 

    Why do you think your email was hacked and forwarded to a hacker's email account? 

    If you haven't done so already, contact your bank Monday morning to notify them of the wire transfers from your account that you or another signer on the account didn't authorize.  Ask how/when/where the transactions were initiated.  Schedule a time to be informed of research results and, if no bank or customer error is identified, when they will notify the FBI.  

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      The OP claimed their Cox email had been hacked and all their email had been forwarded to a hacker.  Maybe it was, but probably not.   There was nothing to indicate how the OP knew this had happened.   The OP also claimed their bank account had been hacked and blamed it on the alleged Cox email hack.  Unless the OP emailed their bank credentials to someone or there was a total breakdown in basic security at the OP’s bank, reading their email wouldn’t have provided necessary information to hack their bank account.  The OP also claimed the hacker made three wire transfers from their bank account.  This is unlikely.   An individual with the necessary expertise to hack a bank account and initiate an unauthorized wire transfer is going to be one and done.  Lastly, this was the OP's first post and the overall look just feels off.

      My assessment:  The OP’s post is fake.

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    You'd have to prove Cox was liable.  A good indicator of proof would be if multiple accounts were also hacked.  If only your account was hacked, you'd have to prove you had an effective password, hadn't clicked any suspicious links, downloaded questionable software and had implement all reasonable security measures, such as 2FA, OAuth and keep your software up-to-date.

    Did you have 2FA with your bank?