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4 years ago


I have had cox internet for almost 2 months now and have had nothing but problems out of it I barly hit the gigablast (945) and my upload speed has never been at 35 i might hit 18 if im lucky. I cant even count how many techs have been here to my house and have another 1 coming tomorrow. the last tech blamed it on my pc's ethernet port said it was bad (Didnt kno internet techs was pc techs)  Wish you guys could get this right stop blaming my pc..I pay for the best internet i expect to get it...I also have to call cox support and reset my box EVERYDAY this makes no sense at all. I should not have to call in everyday or reset my box.

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    Your download speed is fine because, due to network overhead, you won't get 1000 Mbps unless Cox overclocks your connection (1000+ Mbps).

    Your upload appears low.  Can you post your modem logs?

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      yes my upload has always been the problem.Sorry not that advanced for the logs